Yily posted Jul 1, 14
Who we are!

Odyssey is an Exile community of casual players on the Orias realm that are eager to see what WildStar has to offer in a fun and relaxed environment. Our primary focus is PVE content, however that doesn't mean we don't enjoy PVP, questing, housing, lore, and tradeskills.

What you'll find being with us!

  • A weekend raiding schedule!
  • A wonderful community!

Future raid times!

  • Friday: 5PM PDT - 8PM PDT (8PM EST - 11PM EST)
  • Saturday: 5PM PDT - 8PM PDT (8PM EST - 11PM EST)

If you're interested in joining us, simply hit the recruitment tab to fill out an application, or feel free to message Yily ingame! Thank you for your interest!